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Your description doesn't begin to convey the fun we had hunting with your crew.

You are a very lucky man.
We knew when we hit camp that we were in a special place for hunting elk by the expressions of the other antelope hunters . And what we experienced was nothing short of spectacular. We began before dawn with the Admonition from Justin " Shoot today if you see something you like cuz it will get a whole lot harder as the week goes on".  With that advice in mind, we could never have imagined seeing over 100 elk well within shooting range, hell, well within bow range!  Six of them, including the one I shot, were THE biggest elk I had ever personally seen in the wild after hunting over 15 years ( all free range).
We spotted and stalked, we still hunted, we got stampeded by over 40 elk, we laughed and joked, and at about 4 o'clock, I remember saying "I don't care how the rest of this day plays out , but this one will go down as among the top three days afield in my life". And then the bull bugled.
I've attached a picture, cuz he really is special. But not more special than the people we were with. Just nice icing. Very nice icing. Looking forward to hunting Mule deer with you someday soon.

Regards and Happy New Year,

G Faison


But my written words cannot begin to describe the fantastic experience I had last week.  Perhaps a three hour conversation over a campfire would be a good start !! - I almost cried with elation when I realized this was going to be the hunt I have dreamed of since my introduction to hunting

R. Race

I appreciate all the extra effort that you put into the hunt to make it a great success. The accommodations were first rate, the meals were excellent, and everyone in camp seemed to be very compatible. I hope we have another opportunity to hunt together in the future.

W. P. Keiser
Lexington, S.C.

Great Plains Outfitters


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GPO pays in spades again. Thank you Dirk and Justin .  I may have come up empty handed this year on my high country mulie hunt with Dirk, but it sure wasn't for lack of effort.  Dirk had us hunting hard from well before first light until dark every day, in some of the steepest, nastiest terrain I have ever hunted.  We were on a couple of stalks that started 3 canyons and a mile away, only to close the distance to within shooting range and have the slippery buck vanish.  I have already filled out my application for next year, it was one of the best hunts that I have ever been on even with the unfilled tag.   If GPO is guiding, Im hunting!!!!  Happy New Year boys.

T. Michael