LB was born and raised right here in Wyoming. He enjoys watching Westerns, eating, hunting and meeting new people in camp. He also finds any excuse to get outside he can.

Jen Jenkins--Guide/Cook

Jennifer joined GPO in the beginning of 2014. Growing up here in Wyoming her love for the outdoors is very apparent. Raised on a ranch she is very hardworking and definitely knows how to make a good western homecooked meal! Jennifer is an accomplished outdoor writer and loves to share her adventures. She has been an amazing addition to GPO!

Andrew Urosite--Guide

In Loving Memory of Andrew Urisote, gone but NEVER forgotten my FRIEND

Chad joined GPO in the fall of 2011 and quickly fell right into our crew. Chad was born and raised in the mountains of western Wyoming and has a lifetime of hunting experience with his father and grandfather. When Chad is not in the mountains, he can be found spending time with his daughter Roux and son Colter. GPO is proud to have Chad on our staff!
Andrew was a New Mexico native who had 20 plus years as a professional guide in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming. Dirk and Andrew, along with Justin, shared many a hunting camp, Andrew joined GPO in 2011 and made a huge impact right away.  He is deeply  missed.......

Easton Bickel--Future Guide/Camp Jack

Easton was also born and raised here in Wyoming. He is an absolute sharp shooter with an open sight rifle and is always ready to go hunting. He enjoys helping in camp, being homeschooled and anything that involves hunting and his little brother. He's our right hand man here at GPO and will definitely be a great guide in a few years! 

Greg Pachie--Guide

Born in California, Greg's passion for hunting started at an early age. Greg's work ethic and hunting skills make him a HUGE part of the GPO Team. Greg's specialty is hunting high mountain Mule Deer. When Greg is not hunting or scouting, he can be found team roping or working on his Wyoming ranch.

Dirk Jenkins Owner Wyoming Operations. Born and raised in the mountains of Wyoming, Dirk has over 20 years experience as a professional guide in most of the Western United States. Dirk's father, Larry Jenkins, has been an outfitter for over 40 years. Growing up with that experience, Dirk knows what it takes to make your experience in the outdoors one that will live with you forever.

Dirk Jenkins--Owner Wyoming Operations/Guide

Great Plains Outfitters Staff

Byron (LB) Jenkins--Future Guide

Chad Raver--Guide

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